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The Wrigley District of Long Beach gets its name from William Wrigley the owner an founder of the famed Wrigley Spearmint Gum Empire in Chicago. It was one of the first communities established in Long Beach. The original subdivision pattern was established in 1905. The area is developed throughout on a gridiron street pattern. The block are six hundred (600) feet long and individual lots have 50 foot street frontages. All street rights of way are 60 feet in width except Daisy and Magnolia Avenues.
Daisy has 120 feet of right of way with a Deodar Trees in a 40 foot wide median from Pacific Coast Highway north to Hill Street at one time there was a Trolley Line that went up the median. At Christmas time the median is decorated for the season.
Magnolia has a 70 foot right of way and provides direct access for traffic north and South and is the only internal street which serves as a thoroughfare.
The district is bounded on the North, by the 405 Freeway on the South by Pacific Coast Highway  and East by Long Beach Blvd. Pacific Avenue also goes thru the area with commercial strip land uses. The flood channel for the Los Angeles River is the Western Boundary.
Single family homes predominate the area built between 1928 and 1940. Homes are small 1,000 to 1,200 Square Feet, they are by no means modest mostly on Raised Foundations, with Hardwood Floors. The homes built between 1928 and 1934 are Spanish Colonial Revival. The roof towers, porticos and arched windows and wide door openings ad to the interest and charm. The same type of architecture was used in duplexes and flats in the district. In addition to the Spanish architecture there are many other styles, contemporary of the period, and some California Bungalows.

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